Pilot transactions successfully executed by IBM on Batavia Global Trade Finance Platform

Batavia, the blockchain-based global trade finance platform that has been jointly developed by a consortium consisting of Bank of Montreal (BMO), CaixaBank, Commerzbank, Erste Group, IBM (NYSE: IBM) and UBS has successfully completed its first live pilot transactions with corporate clients.

Initial transactions included the trading of:

  • Cars from Germany to Spain
  • Textile raw materials for furniture production from Austria to Spain

IBM’s FY’19 Q1 revenue stands at $19.1 billion, up 5 percent

  • Revenue of $19.1 billion, up 5 percent (flat adjusting for currency)
  • Gross margin reflects broad-based improvement in year-to-year performance compared to fourth quarter
  • GAAP EPS from continuing operations of $1.81; Operating (non-GAAP) EPS of $2.45, up 4 percent
  • Strategic imperatives revenue of $37.7 billion over last 12 months, up 12 percent (up 10 percent adjusting for currency); represents 47 percent of IBM revenue
  • Cloud revenue of $17.7 billion over last 12 months, up 22 percent (up 20 percent adjusting for currency)
  • As-a-service annual exit run rate for cloud revenue of $10.7 billion in the quarter, up 25 percent year to year (up 20 percent adjusting for currency)
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A new IBM survey finds 85% consumers anxious over Data Privacy and Security

A new survey shows that 78 percent of U.S. respondents say a company’s ability to keep their data private is “extremely important” and only 20 percent “completely trust” organizations they interact with to maintain the privacy of their data.

The poll underscores the public’s view of the obligation that organizations have to handle data responsibly and protect it from hackers.

For more information visit https://ibm.co/2LdjJJq

Rabobank getting ready for GDPR with IBM

Rabobank, the Dutch multi-national bank and financial services company, is working with IBM (NYSE: IBM) to use cryptographic pseudonyms on its client’s personal data to innovate and comply with new financial regulations in the EU.

Starting on 25 May, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) seeks to create a harmonized data protection law framework across the EU and it aims to give citizens and residents back control of their personal data, whilst imposing strict rules on those hosting, moving and processing this data, anywhere in the world.

IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index finds cybercriminals focusing on Ransomware and Destructive Attacks

IBM Security (NYSE: IBM) today announced results from the 2018 IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index which found the number of records breached dropped nearly 25 percent in 2017, as cybercriminals shifted their focus on launching ransomware and destructive attacks that lock or destruct data unless the victim pays a ransom.

For more information visit https://ibm.co/2JlJPck